Tamia Hackworth

Tamia Hackworth graduated of Frederick Douglass Academy 1 after interning with Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. in 2017. She will be studying at the University at Albany, pursuing a major in economics and minor in Spanish.

As part of the Building Foundations organization, Adam Leitman Bailey founded the Raymond “Hap” Harrison scholarship a decade ago, in honor of his high school cross country and track coach, who inspired him greatly. Since then, the scholarship has been awarded each year to recent high school graduates planning to attend college in the fall.

This year’s recipients are paid interns who have worked with the firm throughout the school year and summer, and (who) graduated from high school this past year (include) Tamia Hackworth, Edwin George, Daliza Galarza, Andrea Delacruz, and New Milford’s Tara Moat.

Adam Leitman Bailey Awards Full College Scholarship In Honor of Mr. John M. Murphy, Sr.

Adam Leitman Bailey awards forty thousand dollar scholarship in honor of Mr. John M. Murphy, Sr. to an Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. intern and graduating high school student to assist in furthering her education.

“Dear Mr. John M. Murphy, Sr.,

I am writing to thank you for your generous forty thousand dollar scholarship. I was elated to learn of my selection for this honor and I am truly grateful for your support. I am a senior at the Frederick Douglass Academy 1 in Manhattan, NY. Since I will start college next fall, I plan to major in political science and pursue a career in law. My internships helped me confirm my decision and I feel this is the best option for me. By awarding me this scholarship , you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. I am committed to maintaining a stellar grade point average and exceeding your expectations as a college student. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.


Tamia Hackworth”


2017 Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholars Luncheon

Scholarship recipients, old and new, joined Adam Leitman Bailey at the new firm offices on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 for the annual Scholars Luncheon. Taking in the new scenery (for all but our current high school interns, it was their first visit to the Battery Park space), everyone reflected upon their time at the firm, thanking Adam for the opportunities and experiences he provided.

Each year, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. in conjunction with Building Foundations and Dreams, sits down with these inspiring students (from the most recent university graduates to rising college freshmen) to honor their hard work and celebrate their outstanding achievements, both inside and out of the classroom. At the annual luncheon, the recipients have the chance to talk one-on-one with Mr. Bailey, network with one another, and provide Adam with their latest updates – new jobs, awards received in the previous semester, and other exciting adventures in their personal and professional lives. This year was particularly special, as it marked the tenth year of the scholarship’s existence.


I personally was interested in law but I never really thought of pursuing it so definitely coming to Adam Leitman Bailey and interning really made my decision, this is what I want to do.

“Hi my name is Tamia Hackworth, I go to Fredrick Douglas Academy in Harlem New York. I am currently an intern at Adam Leitman bailey P.C. On a daily basis, I work with the paralegals with their cases helping them file, put together documents, scanning, printing and all of those things.

What makes Adam Leitman Bailey so unique is the emphasis on women and bringing women into the workforce where it is mostly a male dominated field such as law especially real estate law. That is very interesting and I personally was interested in law but I never really thought of pursuing it so definitely coming to Adam Leitman Bailey and interning really made my decision, this is what I want to do.

Adam is such a crazy boss, crazy in a good way, though. He is very friendly, outgoing, he will just come up to you like “ Hi, how are you? How’s your day going?” and it’s very great because not a lot of bosses will take the time out to talk to you especially being a high school intern, I’m so lone in the total pole, but he really cares about the people who work here.

Words of wisdom he told me was to keep my GPA up and never doubt yourself basically, never doubt yourself. When Brianna first told me that I got the scholarship I almost wanted to cry, I was so happy. It was the best news I have ever had and it was definitely the motivation I needed. With school, the college process, having two APs working, it becomes a burden but when you realise there are people behind you that support you and believe in you, it just gives you that extra push.

It was definitely something that I needed, especially financially as college is really expensive and I’m not rich so it will definitely help. For anyone who plans on working here or interning of the sorts, definitely come to Adam Leitman Bailey, it’s such a positive working environment. Nobody is mean, there is no cattiness, everyone is like a family.”


My name is Tamia Hackworth, and I’m currently a high school intern. I’ve been at the firm for almost a year, about eleven months. I enjoy being able to comfortably speak with all the attorneys and paralegals and all the executive staff here.

As a high school intern, it feels like you’re very low on the total hull, but everyone makes sure you’re comfortable and you’re able to speak to anyone. I really appreciate the family environment the firm has to offer. Also, I appreciate how everyone in the firm is very hard-working. No one is lazy. No one just doesn’t have work to do. Everyone’s constantly busy, and I just admire that.

The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that if you’re going to do something, make sure it’s your best work. And to always be confident and your work and how you speak and anything presents because it’s your brand.

One of my proudest accomplishments was when I started working with the marketing department and I was able to curate some polls for the social media sites, like their accounts like Twitter and Facebook and it was very cool to see my polls to actually get published. My advice is to take advantage for everything the firm has to offer. Talk to everyone. Get to know your colleagues, because everyone has such a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. And to have fun.