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Keilon La Barrie

2013 Recipient

Keilon La Barrie

Keilon was a paid intern through the Futures and Options program which helps underserved youth explore careers and guides them to further education.  Mr La Barrie graduates in top 15% of his class and demonstrated all of the qualities required to become a Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholarship winner.

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

    Adam Leitman Bailey named  Keilon La Barrie the ninth recipient of the Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholarship respectively. Mr. La Barrie is a member of the 2013 graduating class of George Westinghouse High School.




    ``Knowing you has been a privilege that only a select few are able to obtain and it has truly been a blessing. Because of you, I’m now the first of my family to graduate college as an immigrant from Trinidad...``
    La Barrie Thanks Adam Leitman Bailey For All His Support 5 Years On

    Dear Adam,

    Five years ago I was granted the opportunity to meet you. Knowing you has been a privilege that only a select few are able to obtain and it has truly been a blessing. Because of you, I’m now the first of my family to graduate college as an immigrant from Trinidad. Bringing my siblings and I to the United States, putting us through the school system, and pushing for our citizenship was no small task for my mother. However, because of your generous opportunities I can honestly say you have helped my family in so many ways that we will forever be thankful for. Mr. Harrison impacted your life, and you’ve impacted my family’s, mine, and many others. The undergraduate process didn’t go as smooth as I had intended, but you didn’t give up on me, you always motivated me to keep striving and to work harder the following semester. You have been a mentor, a friend and a walking inspiration in every sense of the word. I’m forever thankful and will continue to hold the values that you have taught me dear and near, as I now begin my journey to one day be in a position like yourself so that I can also begin to impact other lives.

    I graduated SUNY at Buffalo State with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with a major GPA of 3.28 and although it’s not the best story. I assure you it’s not the ending. I currently have an interview scheduled with Apple for a Genius (It Specialist) Position, I’ve applied to the MACH program with Microsoft and I’m also currently waiting to hear back from them in addition to actively applying to other companies in the process. I intend to obtain work experience in my field before going on to begin my Masters degree. This summer I’ll also be studying to take the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam in addition to working.

    My family and I thank you for everything. You believed in me, never gave up on me and none of this would be possible without you.

    Thank you,

    Keilon La Barrie


    2017 Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholars Luncheon

    Scholarship recipients, old and new, joined Adam Leitman Bailey on Thursday, July 27th, 2017 for the annual Scholars Luncheon. Taking in the scenery everyone reflected upon their experiences, thanking Adam for the opportunities and experiences he provided.

    Each year, Adam Leitman Bailey, in conjunction with Building Foundations and Dreams, sits down with these inspiring students (from the most recent university graduates to rising college freshmen) to honor their hard work and celebrate their outstanding achievements, both inside and out of the classroom. At the annual luncheon, the recipients have the chance to talk one-on-one with Mr. Bailey, network with one another, and provide Mr. Bailey with their latest updates – new jobs, awards received in the previous semester, and other exciting adventures in their personal and professional lives. This year was particularly special, as it marked the tenth year of the scholarship’s existence.

    Scholarship Winners - Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.