Jiovanni Moore

Adam Leitman Bailey named Melissa Wilson and Jiovanni Moore the Eigth Annual recipients of the Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholarship. Adam Leitman Bailey started this scholarship in honor of his high school cross country and track coach, Raymond “Hap” Harrison. The scholarship is awarded annually to a High School graduate that will be attending college. Mr. Bailey is a 1988 graduate of New Milford High School.

Degrees: Communications Intercultural & Critical Studies

Jiovanni Moore will be attending SUNY Geneseo in the Fall where she will be majoring in Communications Intercultural & Critical Studies. “I have endured the challenges and adversities that have come my way throughout my high school career,” explained Ms. Moore, “When I received this scholarship I felt very proud of all the work I have done throughout the school year and I saw my work pay off, literally pay off.”

Raymond Harrison Congratulates the Newest Recipients of the Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholarship

“Congratulations to Melissa Wilson and Jiovanni Moore.

I am honored and humbled that Adam Bailey continues to assist worthy students as they pursue their education and their dreams. In eight years Adam Leitman Bailey and his charity, Building Foundations, has awarded tuition scholarships to 14 worthy students.

These are not one time gifts. Adam pays for tuition throughout all four years of college. I thank Adam for his continued generosity; and I congratulate Melissa and Giovanni!”

Raymond ‘Hap’ Harrison


2016 Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholars Luncheon

On Friday, June 17th, 2016 recipients of the Raymond “Hap” Harrison sat down with Adam Leitman Bailey for the annual Scholarship Luncheon. At the luncheon, three new recipients, Ashley Brito, Chabely Jorge, and Sefany Lazieh, were honored with the scholarship honoring their hard work both academically and at the firm. The group also celebrated the graduation of one recipient, Breanne Springstead, who graduated from Rutgers University in May. Ms. Springstead thanked Adam Leitman Bailey saying, “Thank you, because without the scholarship, my time at Rutgers would have been totally different.” Receiving the scholarship has changed her life and has given her the tools she needed to graduate in the top 2% of her class.

These luncheons give the students time to talk with Mr. Bailey, seek advice from him and catch up. This year, there was a special guest via Skype, Raymond Harrison himself spoke to the group, sharing words of wisdom. Raymond Harrison was a track coach at New Milford High School and was a mentor to Adam Leitman Bailey, and in turn Mr. Bailey named the scholarship after him. Mr. Harrison shared how proud he is of the students and of Adam Leitman Bailey for his continued generosity in providing the scholarship year after year.

Throughout the lunch, the students reflected on their time with the firm and discussed what being a scholarship winner means to them. Each and every one of them would not be where they were today without both the financial support and mentorship given to them by Adam Leitman Bailey. The scholarship program has grown every year since it’s creation in 2008.


It teaches you, it helps you build your character and teach you a lot of skills that are life-long skills and can stay with you for the rest of your life, like self-discipline. That is going to be essential.

Q: Can you please begin by stating your name and a little bit about yourself
A: My name is Giovanni Moore. I am a senior at Millenium Brooklyn High School and I will be attending SUNY Genessee in the Fall.
Q: Great. And what is your role here at ALBPC?
A: I am the high school intern, I’ve been interning here since the fall.
Q: And who do you work closest to here?

A: I work close to the paralegals, the Landlord-Tenant paralegals. And with Jamie Schare Friedland, she is also one of the attorneys for the Landlord-Tenant Department. So, I basically work for the Landlord-Tenant Department.

Q: And what kind of tasks does this department have you doing?

A: I usually make copies of petitions and I deliver the petitions to DLS which is a document servicing company. And I also work with Jamie to file away important documents and basically make sure that all the files are where they need to be, so when they are needed, they can be found.

Q: And what have you learned by being here at ALBPC and having all those responsibilities?

A: I would say I learned to balance having a job and school. It’s made me more disciplined, sometimes I may come here, I am stressed out from school, and I go home and I am able to focus on my school work and basically balance out having a lot of things on your place which I think it’s very important going into college. When you know how to balance extra curricular and your school work, being able to maintain my grades and that’s something I’ve learned. And also, I learned a little bit about how tenants get evicted when, say, they don’t pay their rent or when they are destructing their apartment and areas like that. So basically landlord v. tenant cases.

Q: So do you feel like your experience here has influenced you for your future goals at all, moving forward to SUNY Genessee and all?

A: I think that it showed me – I mean, I would like to become an attorney, so it showed me one type of law that I can study, I am not sure what kind of lawyer I would like to become. But they showed me the real estate side and I know pretty much what goes on in real estate law from being here.

Q: So this internship gave you a lot of opportunity?

A: Right.

Q: And would you recommend this internship to other interns?

A: Absolutely. I think even a student doesn’t want to pursue law – it teaches you – it helps you build your character and teach you a lot of skills that are life-long skills and can stay with you for the rest of your life. Like self-discipline – that’s definitely going to be essential for me when I go to college so things like that are very helpful to have an internship to gain skills that are going to help you for the rest of your life.