Thank You Letters & Photos for New Children’s Book, Home

Thank You Letters & Photos for Adam Leitman Bailey’s New Children’s Book, HOME

Enthralled three year olds

Dear Mr. Bailey,

Thank you for sharing the book “HOME.” We are passing it among our five Child Care Programs. I wanted to send you a picture I took while observing one of the three-year-old classrooms, in Bushwick Brooklyn, during story-time. The feedback I received from your book was very encouraging and the children were excited to speak about their families and how they are the same, as well as different.

I received a request from the Universal Pre-Kindergarten teacher at the Bushwick location. On October 31, 2018 the children will be having a Harvest Celebration Day, which will be completing a series of lessons on Community Helpers as well as parts of a book, what the role of an author is and how to write a book. They were surprised you could be a community helper by being an attorney and an author at the same time. Ms. Indhira was hoping you might be able to take time away from your busy schedule to read your book to the children. If this is something you can accommodate please let Barbara Morgan know so that we can coordinate this process.

Thank you for putting such beautiful thoughts into a great book. It was nice for our children, some who currently reside in shelters, to have a prospective on what really makes HOME.

Compliance Specialist/Service Coordinator


Dear Mr. Bailey,

On behalf of the children in the enclosed photo we are writing to thank you for writing and donating the book, Home, that they are so enjoying. We hope you enjoy this photo of a group of three year olds who seem to be enthralled by its pages.

The complicating factor is that many if the children who are hearing your words happen to be homeless at this moment, so for them the whole concept of home represents much more than just an entertaining book.

Enclosed is a than you letter from F.R., who is our intermediary with these classes. She has seen in person how much your book has resonated with the Universal Pre-K children in our care.

We would like to invite you to come read your book to them as your schedule might permit. One possibility might be between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. on Halloween, in the Bushwick Corps located in Brooklyn. Or, if this is not convenient, perhaps you can offer a few suggestions of times that would work for you.

You and I can coordinate in terms of scheduling and transportation. Many thanks for considering this opportunity that would mean the world to these children. And thank you for your generosity.

Director of Planned Giving


Happy, healthy baby

Adam, you are THE BEST!

I can’t tell with words how thankful I am. There is nothing more important in the world for me than my baby growing up in a healthy, happy home and you made it possible.

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful vacation! [Son name] loves your book – see attached! THANK YOU!

All the best, S.T.


A touching gift

Hi Adam,

Quick note to tell you: [son name] loves his new book. He thinks it’s him in it. He loves the animals, as predicted! Thought you might enjoy a few pics of him in action.

[Wife name] and I were super touched by the gift and autograph. Thanks again, and talk soon!



Impacting the lives of children

Greetings Mr. Bailey, I hope all is well with you and yours. I’m writing to Thank You for ‘HOME’ and its timely release.

My daughter and I are involved with an organization named the Crown Heights Service Center, Inc. The organization is located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. It was started in the early 70s by my mother to provide after-school, out-of-school and summer programs for children.

I’d like for you to know HOME will touch many children’s hearts who aren’t always able to articulate what they may be feeling.

When I was growing up my parents decided to open their home to foster children. It increased the number of children in the home to five. I can clearly remember the behavior of my foster brothers and sister until they became relaxed in knowing they were going to stay and not be bounced around. The greatest behavior change was in my older foster brother who was 5 years old when he came to live with us and had already been in a few foster homes. I can only imagine if my mother were able to read HOME to him the difference it would have made, sooner rather than later.

Since the Crown Heights Service Center after-school program is located in a local public school and there is a population of children who reside with Families residing in shelters this book will let them know its going to be OK.

Mr. Bailey, this is only one of which I am sure will be many instances in which HOME is going to have an impact in the lives of children.

Again, Thank You for taking time to be reflective and for sharing this inspiring work.

Take Care, Be Well and Stay Safe!

In His Service,


An important lesson

Dear Adam,

I want to say thank you for sending copies of your book, HOME, to us here at [the school]! We have so enjoyed reading it — like I said in our conference when you told me about the book’s theme, exposing children to even the idea of all sorts of homes that are different from the ones they know is incredibly important. We have a copy out on our reception table and already, a parent … commented on how much she loved the book!

Thank you again for sending, we will be sure to keep copies in our reception area as the school year begins so that many families can enjoy HOME as well.

We can’t wait to see the boys in just a few weeks,


HOME speaks to some of our students’ situation

Good afternoon Mr. Bailey,

Thank you for your generous donation of the book, Home, it was beautifully written and speaks to some of our students’ situation.

Is it possible for you to visit our school and read the book to our classrooms? Our theme for December is “Where We Live”. Please let me know if you are able to join us in the coming months.

D.H., Principal


A lovely book with a great message

Dear Adam,

We received your book in the mail today and I wanted to send a personal thank you!

It was a lovely book with a great message and I look forward to putting it in our Reading Center.

With thanks,



HOME on display for the teachers

Hi Mr. Adam Bailey,

Thank you very much for sending you picture book “Home”. It looks great and will have this on display out for the teachers!

BTW: I thought to share this with you since your an independent writer: Booklifeprize, also there is a new app called Readercoin and perhaps if you want you can publish your work.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,



Thank you so much for supporting Tree House Books

Dear Adam,

Thank you so much for supporting Tree House Books and our Books in Every Home campaign by donating your book, Home. I really enjoyed the story and sentiment and I’m sure our children will as well. We truly could not fulfill our goal of creating and sustaining a community of readers, writers, and thinkers without people like you in our community. The book that you have so generously donated will find its way into the homes of families and children, changing lives through reading and mitigating the Philadelphia literacy crisis.

It is our hope that you continue to walk with us to promote lifelong readership and access to high-quality books for every child. We have many ways that you can continue to stay involved with Tree House Books: volunteer in our library, become a literacy coach, serve on a committee, or become a donor!




HOME to be donated to children across the country


Thank you for the copy of Home that you donated to Reader to Reader. It’s the perfect books for the children we reach all across the country through our book donations. If you ever want to donate larger quantities, we would be grateful to have them.

Bravo, on the fine book you wrote.




Teacher’s love reading HOME to students 

Hi Adam.

Hope all is well with you, Jen and the boys. TJ’s teacher called me today and said she absolutely loooooved your book. She left it for the assistant principal to read. The assistant principal loved it as well. They said they want to buy a bunch of copies and would love for you to come in and read it. She wasn’t sure how many copies yet but she would let me know when the AP was back in school Monday! She just wanted to let me know how much they both loved it and they’d like to make plans for the school to use it this year! Thanks for sending her a copy! See you guys soon. Have a great weekend!


Students love reading HOME at school

Good morning!  I just got to work and my Assistant Principal pulled me aside. She was in charge yesterday of the district 26 pre-k seminar. She read them your book. She said they looooooved it. It fit perfectly into every unit of study they have to do throughout the year. They want you to write more books. She said each school that was there placed orders for your book yesterday so there is going to be a huge increase of books purchased.  😃


Thank you for a great new story!

Thank you for a great new story! My first graders loved reading “Home” during our social studies lesson on families. They thought it was SO COOL that the author wrote a special message for me inside! 🏡📚


HOME is a clear favorite among young readers

Me: Ben can you go and pack a big pile of books to bring and keep at your summer house?
Ben: ok mommy.


Thank you for the generous donation

Dear Mr. Bailey:

Thank you for the generous donation of your original book, Home. It arrived just as our teachers were setting up for school and essentially creating “homes” away form home for the students who will being their classes this year.

I have shared your book with our Media Specialist who will add it to our library collection. I know she will find many occasions to encourage young readers to read your book and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of how love and family are what makes a house a home.

Thanks again,

Jeanine Nostrame

Some photos we’ve seen of our young readers enjoying the book

TJ reading Home