Media & Reviews for Adam Leitman Bailey’s New Children’s Book, HOME

Media & Reviews for Adam Leitman Bailey’s New Children’s Book, HOME

The Classy Chics Review

“The story is an easy read for young children and the illustrations throughout the book are adorable, beautifully done. This is one book that BOTH of my children can enjoy…a good combination of a picture book with enough of a story line to interest my 9 1/2 year old.” The Classy Chics full review.


The Texas Librarian’s Review

“I recommend this as a read aloud for grades 2-5 for a discussion about homes.” The Texas Librarian’s full review.


Nora StLaurent’s Review

“This is a sweet picture book and a great conversation starter with your kids to talk about homes, how others live and helps them see what the real meaning of family is, and shows that home is where your heart is.” Nora StLaurent’s full review.


Cassandra McCann’s Review

“A nice story that provides a message most adults have yet to learn. The author chose wording that would be easy to understand and also creates a way for parents to have a discussion afterwards if wanted, to further discuss the thoughts of your little one.” Cassandra McCann’s full review.


Read Till Dawn’s Review

“I think parents and kids would enjoy reading this simple story around bedtime. The illustrations are peaceful and pretty, in the same style as on the cover, and the book on the whole is a nice, pleasant bedtime story which parents hopefully won’t get too sick of even after many repetitions.” Read Till Dawn’s full review.


Goodreads Reviews

“This book is so good!! The illustration are beautiful and very attractive for young children. It’s strange to say but they look soft, calm. We follow a young boy who visit different type of home. There is more or less a story, but a very deep and important message about the importance of love and family over material «needs». Really positive message in this one and I think it deserve a lot of attention. So check it out!!” Etienne’s full review.

“HOME is a gentle reminder about the power of the individuals that fill a home, not the place or the structure–which can vary from location to location, family to family. Told in simple, flowing language and accompanied with soft, calm illustrations done in colored pencil (and perhaps watercolor), HOME is perfect for young children experiencing a transition over the summer; perfect for those who have moved recently -rather out-of-state, to a new home/apartment, a new city, or experienced some kind of change in family dynamics–a death, divorce, blending of generations (grandparent moving in), or the remarriage of a parent.” Leslie Lindsay’s full review.

“The book is written in a simple style that definitely fits the age range of two to seven. My seven year old, who does not like to read (the horror!), would find this book entertaining and engaging. Kids being read to will love the artistic flair and the ability to explore the world in a safe manner.” Jonathan Esterman’s full review.

“This is a beautifully illustrated picture book with a good message. The pictures are soft pastels giving the impression that the boy is thinking or dreaming. The pages are heavy paper so the child can look at the book by himself without fear of ruining it. I recommend this book for reading aloud with your children. It would add a lot to the story to discuss all the types of homes and what’s good about them.” Nancy Famolari’s full review.

“A simple tale with decent pastel artwork, where a young child surveys the world’s variety of houses, only to realise it’s a home you need, regardless of the actual structure.” Theediscerning’s full review.