Dear Adam,

Let me thank you for your hospitality on our final exam. Your office is just as you were describing it, you were not exaggerated. Final exam was a wonderful experience, we were transferred into completely new world, doing research, planning, having passionate discussions, and learning how to make a compromises. In one hour that we had to chose our property we learn more than in entirety of other courses. That was shortest hour I’ve ever had! We had our challenges: no internet connection, we faced differences in opinion, but when we finally made our decision, we stuck together as a team and everybody did its share to make our presentation the best it can be …

You make us peak to whole another world of Landlord Tenant Law. It is vast area, and I have desire to explore it even more. Your passion inspired me. My health almost made me cancel this course but I’m glad I didn’t. I will continue this journey that I started with you … Thank you for wonderful experience.

Warm regards,