Letter from New Milford High School AP History Class teacher

Mr. Bailey,

Thank you very much for the wonderful tour. I am only sorry that we had to rush at the end. I am in the process of writing you a letter to which I will attach students comments and reactions to the trip – you should receive these shortly. In the meantime, please know that it was a memorable day for us – the tour significantly enhanced our students’ knowledge and appreciation of key events and figures in American History. We have had numerous follow-up discussions about the trip, and this I should point out above all else, that your dynamic and engaging style and positive attitude won the day – it kept students attentive, interested, and engaged. We also greatly appreciate the lunch you provided for us, and the wonderful pictures you sent us. I look forward to repeating this trip again next year – perhaps in October.

Again, thank you very much and I will soon communicate with you by letter.