Adam Leitman Bailey gave a walking history tour of downtown Manhattan to Long Beach School’s special education students of extraordinary needs. During the tour, Mr. Bailey and students journeyed through sites and stories regarding American history.

“Alexander Hamilton endured a horrible childhood. His mother died when he was very young and he did not know his father and had a horrible step-father, and moving to a new land is never easy. I know this personally as at the age of 5, without my father and with a horrible step-father, I was moved 3,000 miles to a new land and a whole list of barriers waiting to be conquered anew each day by day. We all have to overcome obstacles- for some of us, those are more severe- but what makes us great, what makes you great, and separates us from all of the rest, is that we are going to fight and dig and claw until we become the best we individually can become.” – Adam Leitman Bailey, speaking to the Long Beach High School special education students of extraordinary needs, May 11th, 2018.

adam leitman bailey, walking history tour