Letter from Eric Sheninger Principal of New Milford High School thanking Adam for his commitment to his alma mater.

Dear Adam,

Those of us that have chosen education as our profession are given the opportunity on a daily basis to make a profound impact on each and every student that we have the pleasure of teaching. We strive each day to enrich their lives so that they develop a love for learning and are placed on a path to success. This is a difficult task in these trying economic times, but we refuse to let money stand in the way of giving our students the best education possible.

Even though you are in a different profession your commitment to your alma mater has had and will continue to have a positive impact on our students. Your success has made us extremely proud, but your character is even more impressive. Over the past four years you have embraced your roots and given back to your school in so many ways. By doing so you have turned into a role model and inspiration to the entire school community. We graciously accept and are extremely thankful for your donation of $10,000 to New Milford High School. It will be spent in a way that benefits as many students as possible.