Dear Adam:

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Jennifer. The internship at ALB, P.C. was a wonderful opportunity for Jennifer to mature intellectually, professionally and socially. Jennifer would share so many anecdotes of her days at your law firm that we felt we knew you and many others. We were happy to meet you at the Senior Awards Dinner.

Jennifer is fortunate to have you as a mentor. We know she truly values your ideas and advice. You and members of your firm went to great lengths to endorse Jennifer’s admission to the University of Pennsylvania and we appreciate the effect of each individual involved.

We are absolutely thrilled that Jennifer is the recipient of the Raymond “Hap” Harrison Scholarship this year. It is truly an honor for her to receive this scholarship which represents two well-respected individuals who uphold the ideas of academic achievement, unbreakable spirit and making the world a better place for all. Your generous scholarship award is humbling and will certainly help tremendously with funding Jennifer’s college education.

Thank you for all you do for Jennifer and all the tremendous opportunities you so graciously provided for so many other individuals. You are truly one of the New Milford’s finest!


Anne and Bill Teets