Dear Mr. Bailey,

Last semester I spent time trying to keep up with my classes while studying for the MCATs and getting together medical school applications. This semester I was running around for med school interviews while trying to balance a full course load. I am graduating a year early and just got accepted into Jefferson and Robert Wood Johnson Medical Schools so I am debating between the two. I’ll be starting in the fall!

I also never got a chance to properly personally thank you for the research/intern position you got me at the Columbia Taub Institute with Dr. [Anonymous]. I know it must have been extremely inconvenient to do on such short notice and I’m sorry for any trouble it caused you! Thank you again for giving me that opportunity to gain experience and background in research! It’s not a chance many people get and I was lucky you were able to give me it.

I hope all is well at the office and I wish you Happy Holidays!