Adam Leitman Bailey Teaches Real Property Class At Syracuse University College of Law

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with Professor Kenn’s property class on Monday. I told my family it was my favorite hour of law school thus far. I actually have thoroughly enjoyed my 1L year, but your transparency and frankness were quite refreshing and entertaining.”

“As you probably know, we are required to listen to quite a few lectures by professionals in various fields of the legal profession as 1Ls, and while they are informative and a good source of exposure, they are usually quite dry, and well, boring. (I will deny stating that if ever asked however). That is why it was SO refreshing to have you speak to us. You are the only successful professional that has spoken to us in such a down-to-earth manner, and it was great. I don’t know if you do this every year or not, but I hope that if you don’t, you consider it. And if you do, please keep it up! Having someone of your stature engage our class with such frankness and candor was wonderful. Thank you.”