You’ve taught me so much about what I know. I remember when I first called you six years ago, after working with your Dad at [redacted]. When I googled you to see what you were up to, and found this huge impressive firm you had created. It was impressive, even though i knew you were taking things on differently than other people. You came to visit your dad at camp in 1994(?) with not one, but two business cards, as a young kid. You handed me two business cards- – which i still have – when i was barely a sophomore in college, probably the only business cards i had ever been given that young. Then still as a young kid I started to get your newsletter. I was in awe when i found your website in 2010. That young kid I met had really put it together. And when I called, you were so warm and welcoming, come in for lunch and see the firm you said. Visiting you and getting to know you those first two months, you were so generous with your time and advice. You were giving me advice on how to build my career, and then I started to think I wanted to work for you. I don’t know if I said it but one day you gave me this huge opportunity. You knew i was broke and really helped me out. It meant a lot, and change the direction of my life in many ways. You have been a loyal friend throughout. And have taught me not only about how to build a business, but about life. This is such an exciting time. I want to be a part of it. It’s ironic that the business you helped me build, and taught me how to grow, is what is getting in the way. I guess that’s another sign of your generosity. Helping other even when it gets in the way. I just wanted you to know how important you are to me too.

thank you