Letter from former intern:

Happy New Year, Adam!

I hope you’re doing well. I officially graduated early this month and just wanted to thank you again for everything. I have already applied to countless companies and positions, and although many are not hiring full‐time due to the poor state of our economy, each person has replied with praise and kudos regarding my resume. That piece of paper wouldn’t have such cool things on it if it weren’t for you helping me get my foot in the door freshman year. Even though xxx had left NBC by the time my internship started, getting my resume to him snowballed into a number of amazing opportunities. Because of you, I not only worked with the “Today” show that summer, but I went back that winter to work in NBC’s Corporate Communications department, which handles publicity for xxx … As I sit back and reflect on all of the wonderful experiences I have had these past few years, I realize that I never would have come this far if it weren’t for your generosity and help. In your last e‐mail you told me to always remember to help others every step of the way, so I am extending my reach out to you. Since I’m done with school I’m available to help you with anything whenever you’re in need. Whether it’s coffee or copies or something a little more advanced, I am ready and willing to provide a hand (at no extra cost). Thanks again for everything. Keep in touch!!