Upon enrolling at Syracuse University, College of Law, I was anxious to learn, and develop into a more well-rounded, sophisticated, and professional woman. I had many hopes and expectations. During my first semester, I attended a mentoring workshop designed to pair first- year law students with lawyers working in the geographical and legal areas the law students chose. The workshop was conducted through the Alumni Association at the law school. My first choice expressed my desire to be mentored by a real estate attorney in New York City. A couple of weeks later, I received a letter in the mail informing me that I had been assigned to be mentored by Adam Leitman Bailey, the owner of a real estate law firm located in downtown New York City. I was ecstatic that I had obtained exactly what I wanted. I was enthusiastic to learn as much as I possibly could about real estate law in New York City.

I visited the Alumni Affairs office seeking information on how I could efficiently seek guidance and mentoring from my new mentor. I was advised to contact him and set up a date and time to shadow him at his firm. Upon doing so, soon thereafter I visited and observed a typical day at the firm. Mr. Bailey immediately struck me as a person who enjoys helping others. He gladly shared stories with me about his work and background. He had also graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in 1993. I was intrigued and wanted to learn from-his example.

Mr. Bailey hired me as a temporary law clerk during winter and summer breaks between 2002 and 2005. I assisted the firm in its landlord- tenant litigation division. I conducted legal research and editing. I was responsible for filing pleadings and other legal papers in different city courts. Also, I was responsible for obtaining documents from different city agencies to facilitate pending litigation and transactional matters. I was able to become familiar with civil procedure in New York housing court.

Not only have I developed my practical skills within the legal profession assisting lawyers, but I have also learned the true meaning of being a zealous advocate for clients. Mr. Bailey has taught me that the only way to be the best possible advocate is to be consistently prepared, passionate and diligent in all legal work. I have been fortunate enough to work closely with my mentor throughout the years. He knows no boundaries when working on behalf of his clients. He has inspired me to aim to be great. He teaches me to pay attention to every detail, no matter how seemingly small. He speaks to me about the value of perseverance in obtaining our goals. Because of his influence in my life, I feel empowered to consistently work toward becoming the best I can possibly be.

Throughout law school, Mr. Bailey has essentially been the father I never had in many ways. He never hesitated to assist me in anything and everything I ever needed. He helped me choose classes to enroll in. He guided me in conducting legal research and writing when I was enrolled in Real Estate Transactions and Commercial Real Estate Transactions. When I was unable to register because of financial holds on my school account due to insufficient financial aid and loans, Mr. Bailey resolved it. When I could not afford to pay for books during law school, Mr. Bailey was there. When I struggled on academic probation, Mr. Bailey advocated for me as if I were family. After learning that I did not pass the New York Bar exam, I had significant difficulty obtaining legal employment. After four months of searching for work through several means, Mr. Bailey offered me a position in his Landlord Tenant division once again. As a law graduate, I am grateful to be able to apply what I learned in law school, in the setting in which I was afforded my first opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Bailey for showing me the way and for having faith in me. He has been a guardian angel in my life.