Hi Adam!!!

I just wanted to thank you again for taking time to help me obtain my first summer internship and break into the broadcasting industry. Although I had some experience in the past, you helped me join the big leagues and become a part of a major television network.

While working at “Weekend Today”, I had the opportunity to help different producers come up with clips for their segments, sit with them in the editing booth to choose pieces of footage they captured in the field, and go out into the street to interview people for upcoming pieces by myself with a crew, when producers couldn’t make it to the shoot.

In addition to all of the awesome things I got to do with the “Weekend Today” show, one weekend while I was walking through the hall where the control room is, I saw another studio with the “ON AIR” sign flashing. I asked one of the Pages what was going on in there, and he said that Sports was doing their highlight report. I decided to take advantage of the open door that was in front of me, and walked in to see if I could meet anyone in Sports, because it has always been one of my passions. I explained that I was an intern with “Weekend Today” and loved sports also, and one of the guys invited me to come back every weekend and help them out. After that day, I came to Sports every Saturday and Sunday after “Weekend Today” finished airing, to help the sports researchers log statistics and highlight different points of various athletic events. I met commentators like Al Trautwig and Jimmy Roberts, and learned about different sporting events like Arena Football and the Tour de France, to which I would not have had any exposure had I not been in the research room at NBC Sports … I am exploring different career options, just to see what else is out there, even though my heart is still in broadcasting and will definitely remain there unless you suggest otherwise.


Thanks Again,

Annonymous Extern