“My second semester at The College of New Jersey has been awesome so far. I am staying on top of all my work, which has been a bit easier with the lighter schedule of the spring season for Women’s Club Soccer. My coed intramural soccer team has made it to the playoffs, which we will be competing in next week! In selecting courses for the fall semester, I have decided to move away from my current major of Communication Studies and in the direction of perhaps a major in Psychology, Sociology, or Philosophy with a minor in Public Health as well as possibly a minor in Politics, Law and Philosophy. Coming to such revelations has been very exciting for me! I also got a job as a coach for Soccer Shots, a company that offers weekly soccer lessons for children under the age of 8 in the Princeton and Trenton area. I am looking forward to working at Lee & Associates NYC, a retail and office brokerage in Manhattan, as an intern this summer.”