Building Foundations and Dreams strives to support education for all students, especially those who may come from underprivileged and under-resourced areas. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. employees and interns are dedicated to assisting our mission by taking part of every step of the book publishing process – from design to production to arrival at the New York Port to mailing each book, one-by-one, to various schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations throughout the New York City area and across the country.

“Should I read the dedication to you? To all of the children that knew that living with your family, and the love you receive from them, is much more important than the size of your home.”

“My name is Amaya Nina and I am at the port of New York waiting for the delivery of Adam Leitman Bailey’s new book, HOME. Adam will be sending donations of these books to low-income areas to nearly all New York City public libraries as well as libraries in Bergen County, New Jersey.”

“My role in this project was researching low-income areas and finding different schools and libraries that would receive the book. So basically, I went on the website of the New York department of education. I looked up a ranking of all schools in New York City; I found that typically the schools that are ranked lower are also low-income areas. So, there is a correlation between low-income areas and falling test scores. After using the New York Department of Education’s website, I researched low performing schools further which lead me to find that most low performing schools were also low-income schools. Underprivileged students, for the most part, don’t have the resources necessary to succeed in their education, so one of our aims through donating HOME is to provide them with such resources.”

“We will be sending the books to different special education pre-schools, therapeutic pre-schools, head start organizations, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and several other organizations. One example of organizations that we are sending books to takes part in a program known as the reading education assistant dogs where therapy dogs are paired with children who have difficulty reading in hopes that reading to dogs will be less stressful to them and will help advance their education. This program also provides children with the materials to read and we’re very happy to be a part of this process.”

“One of the best ways to help children who have speech impediments is to encourage them to read so we are hoping that by donating these books to therapeutic preschools we’ll also be helping students with speech impediments to speak more freely.”

“There’s a much larger amount of underprivileged children than we know about and providing these children with materials to read is one of the first steps needed to improve our community.”

“My name is Amaya Nina and I am the summer intern this summer at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Upon starting here I was informed about Adam’s new children’s book, HOME. HOME tells the story of a young boy who struggles to accept his very small apartment as his home. He goes out and goes to different types of homes, some on a farm, some big mansions, and at the end of the book he learns that he appreciates his home the most because that’s where his family lives. Ultimately, Adam wants to give children the confidence to be proud of where they come from. Adam hopes that his message will reach underprivileged children who may also be struggling to appreciate their homes. Adam has made this possible through his foundation, Building Foundations and Dreams. Building Foundations and Dreams is a non-profit organization that provides students with the tools to make their professional dreams come true. The proceeds from HOME are being donated to underprivileged and low-income schools in New York City. During my time here, I’ve been researching low-income schools around New York City as well as the tri-state area. I’ve been researching how low-income students and low-income schools correlate to falling test scores in New York City. Through donating HOME to these low-income schools we hope that it will help develop a sense of pride and a sense of self in these students which will also help them gain the confidence necessary to do well in school and on state tests. It’s been an honor that I had the opportunity to be involved in researching this, and this whole process.