Dear Mr. Bailey,

My name is [Anonymous] and we met today on the tour through Wall street. First of all I want to sincerely thank you for today, it was wonderful. I got to see all that I wanted and then some. It was very obvious that you are a passionate and knowledgeable man who wanted us to have the best experience possible. Everything you showed us today tied directly into what we have been learning, and it was much more interesting to see it first hand as opposed to just reading about it in the textbook. This week in class Mr. Tusa mentioned how Hamilton died in a duel vs. Burr, so getting to see his actual grave was really cool. We were also learning about John Peter Zenger so the stop at Federal Hall was really interesting. Getting to see Ground Zero was also a good experience, and to hear a story about 9/11 from someone that was so close when the towers went down, was really moving. And of course that church was gorgeous (and National Treasure is one of my favorite movies). I really do appreciate all the time and effort you put into today, and it is nice to see a New Milford alumni who still cares about his high school. I am also passionate about NMHS, in fact last night I made a speech to the 8th grade parents telling them what New Milford could do for their kids if they chose to go there next year. Seeing someone from such a small school like New Milford becoming such a success really motivates me. One day I hope to run a successful business in the city, so seeing all that you have created is a really great inspiration. Also, when you spoke about having a spot for 2 high school summer interns, I was immediately interested. Having the opportunity to see how a major company works would be such a great experience, and I know I could learn so much. I hope we can stay in touch, because having the opportunity to work with such a success as yourself would be such an honor. And again, I really appreciated all you did today, it was probably one of my favorite field trips ever.


New Milford High School Student