Dear Mr. Bailey,

My name is Steven Goodstadt and I am currently a 2L at the Syracuse University College of Law. I was notified last week that I had been chosen as an Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. Scholar. Because of your generous donation it is making it easier for me to afford SUCOL, which as you are probably well aware of, is a very expensive school.

A few things about me. I am a graduate of the University of Maryland where I received my Bachelors Degree in Government and Politics. I went straight to law school following graduation in May of 2008 and have not only kept myself in the top 25% of my class; however, I have remained very active in the law school community. I am currently Secretary of the Law School Senate, as well as an active member of SPIN. While I pride myself on my academics, I have also made it a point to do give back to the community. I have spent time at the local rescue mission and at Blodgett, a local elementary school, for their after school program. It is important to give back to the community as hopefully my efforts, combined with the efforts of everyone else can make Syracuse safer and better for all.

I was fortunate to not have any loans to pay back after undergrad; however, I knew when choosing to go to law school that I would be end up with debt upon graduation from SUCOL. It was just a necessary evil I would have to endure to fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer. The fact that I am receiving because of your generous donation will save me a little over […] because now I will not have to take out that extra loan and pay back the interest on it. This gives me just a little extra flexibility with my finances as I continue on with my schooling.

Where do I see myself in the future? Honestly, I have always hoped that I would end up in the public sector. Currently, I am an extern at the Onondaga County, County Attorney’s Office, and have enjoyed the experience greatly. The type of people who work in the public sector tend to be more laid back, and it makes the job more fun. I have always believed in that it’s not really a job if you enjoy what you do, and I hope that ultimately I will end up with something that I enjoy doing.

Again, I thank you very much for your generous donation. Because of alumni such as yourself, it makes it easier for law students like me get through law school as the economy continues in its downward spiral. As the job market continues to get more competitive, every dollar saved while in school, is a big help. So thank you, and I hope I will get the pleasure of thanking you in person the next time you come to visit Syracuse.



Steven Goodstadt