Adam Leitman Bailey is called upon by the titans of industry for counsel on their cases. It is very difficult to find a time to schedule a meeting with him and he works from morning to night. Yet, when a underserved school calls upon him to donate and read to its students, Adam will never say no. He knows that his talent in persuading CEO’s is the same tools he will use to inspire these children to believe in themselves and to want to learn to read or fall in love with books. And he goes in with the same passion as he does when litigating or negotiating as he does when invigorating a class. The children screech in joy; they applaud at the end of the book and they have just witnessed something they may never have seen before. I saw the children run up to him to try to touch him or grab his suit to make a better connection. Adam just smiled and somehow remembered their names. Another day in the life of a man who will not stop until every child he touches will be better after meeting him.