Dear Mr. Bailey,

I write to you to thank you again for supporting my fellowship this year at University Legal Services (ULS) in Washington, DC. This year, I have gained invaluable experience which will certainly propel my career in disability rights advocacy. As a Law Fellow, I worked with over 50 clients with serious mental illness. My advocacy has ranged from access to medical ad mental health services in the DC jail, to presenting mitigation testimony in court, and monitoring conditions of confinement in the jail. I advocated in the Office of Human Rights, DC Superior Court, and DC Federal District Court.

One of my clients [redacted] is a 19 year old girl. [Redacted] experienced extensive abuse and trauma in her childhood. Even though she was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital as a child and it was recommended that she receive mental health service, her family did not follow up on this treatment. [Redacted] was arrested for assault and plead guilty to the charges. I worked with [redacted]’s defense attorney so she could begin receiving mental health services in the DC Jail and connected her to metal health services in the community. I advocated in court for [redacted]’s release so she could receive community based services to support her long-term. Because [redacted] was connected to services and had the support from my organization, she was released on probation. Since her release [redacted] engaged in therapy, completed her community service, reconnected with her family, and will go back to high school in August.

[Redacted] is just one of the clients I have had the please of working with this year. I have learned so much not only from my clients, but from ULS. ULS’s attorneys and advocates are leaders in disability rights in DC and have been my mentors, advisers, and friends. I will cherish this experience and carry forward all I have learned into my next role as the Accessibility Rights Coordinator at the Equal Rights Center.

If you are ever in DC, please allow me to thank you in person for this opportunity.