Dear Mr. Bailey,

I am writing as a recipient of the Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. Scholar Fund. I am a third year law student at the Syracuse University College of Law and wanted to thank you for your thoughtful generosity.

As a third year law student, my studies and work experience have taken me in the route of becoming a personal injury attorney. When I began law school, I was unsure of the type of Law that interested me, but through practical experience and making the most of the legal courses offered, I believe that I have found a positive fit for myself.

I am currently a member of the editorial staff of The Digest, a journal that is published on behalf of the National Italian American Bar Association. I was successful in my efforts to write a note about a Supreme Court case that will be published in the next edition of The Digest. I am also a Student Attorney in the Securities Arbitration and Consumer Fraud law where I have had the opportunity to work first hand on foreclosure cases. This experience as a Student Attorney has been vital, and has given me so much insight into the practice of Law.

While I am looking forward to the future and my legal career, I will miss the three years that I spent at Syracuse University College of Law. It is donations from people like you that help make the school and the experience great. I appreciate your contribution to my legal studies and to Syracuse University College of Law.

Thank you again.



Michelle Pomerantz