Mr. Bailey,

I thought you would enjoy reading our students’ comments regarding your guided tour of the Wall Street historical area.

Thank you so much for being our personal tour guide yesterday. Hearing about your own experience and recollection of 9/11, 2001 was something that I will never forget. I also enjoyed our journey down Wall Street because it is the place where I someday hope to work. The tour you conducted for us, students of your own High School, was very interesting and instructive, and I am very grateful for it.

I really enjoyed the field trip and your enthusiasm about the history of Wall Street and the surrounding area. I never knew about the events that took place in New Milford during the Revolution. I knew that Washington crossed the bridge near New Bridge Road, but I did not know that Washington actually slept and fought in our hometown. As far as New York City, I liked seeing the architecture inside the old residence of John Adams, as well as the inside of Frances Tavern. It was very surreal to stand in a room where our forefathers themselves once stood. These experiences bring history closer to us.

I just wanted to thank you for the tour. This was probably the only educational trip that I have actually enjoyed. Seeing the places you took us to visit was really breathtaking. The lunch was awesome too! My favorite part of the tour was when we went to St. Paul’s Church and saw Alexander Hamilton’s grave, only because it was really amazing to be only feet away from such an important man in history that we have studied since the fifth grade. Hearing your experience of 9/11 was interesting as well. Thanks again!

I very much appreciated hearing your 9/11 story. I find hearing those personal accounts to be very interesting. I also really liked learning more about the John Peter Zenger trial, your passion for it really made it come to life. Also, thanks very much for lunch! It was delicious!

Due to class work and school time otherwise missed, I was not able to attend the Wall Street trip. However, I greatly enjoyed the Mock Trial practice where you acted as one of the attorneys. As a witness. it was an interesting experience for me to have someone, other than a classmate, ask me questions. Thanks so much for the time.

I really enjoyed the walking tour you organized for us. I found your view of history extremely interesting and it spurred my interest in many topics that are not commonly discussed. 1 wanted to thank you for going out of your way; your efforts will certainly not go unnoticed. The trip to the city was an incredible opportunity to learn topics not studied in class. Visiting these historic sites was a great experience and hopefully you will be able to continue with similar trips for many years to come.

Thank you for being kind enough to give us a guided tour of Wall Street. I appreciate your continued generosity to New Milford High School and also want to thank you for the wonderful lunch you provided for us. The trip was a positive learning experience. One thing I learned on this trip was about the events that occurred in New Milford during the Revolutionary War. One positive experience of the trip was visiting St. Paul’s Church and learning about your experiences on 9/11.

Thank you Mr. Bailey for the fun day My favorite parts were when you talked about your experiences during 9/11 and the passion you showed while telling us the history of Wall Street and of Ncw York. 9/11 is a big deal form me because of the charity I work for called Stars, Stripes, and Skates. Hearing your story is exactly the reason why I skate for this charity.

Thank you for taking time to help enrich our study of history. The Wall Street tour was very interesting and I was able to learn more about topics covered in Mr. Tusa’s class. I had no idea New Milford played such a significant role during the war. Also, Frances’ Tavern was very interesting, considering that Washington’s Farewell Address was delivered in the same setting. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

I liked the fact that there was a great deal of information that could be absorbed from the trip. I especially liked that we went to see Hamilton’s grave which I didn’t know was in New York. Also unknown to me, was the tact that the location of the building of the Standard Oil Company was the site of John Quincy Adams’ office.

I thoroughly enjoyed walking through New York. In general, I love the city, and learning its history was fantastic. Wall Street was always just a name to me, but actually walking down the street gave a better idea of what was there, such as Federal Hall and the New York Stock exchange.

I enjoyed the trip and Wall Street, especially going to the actual places where history took place. lt’s one thing to read and hear about history, but it’s another thing to be where it actually took place and be able to envision a scene as it is being described.

One of the enjoyable moments of the trip for me was when we learned of how the Manhattan Tribe of Indians sold the land that became the city of Manhattan to the colonists. For me, the best part was learning how the town I live in played a part in the Revolutionary War. Knowing the historical significance of New Milford can greatly change one’s perspective and appreciation for the town.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take us on a tour of Wall Street I especially enjoyed learning about the Hamilton-Burr duel, the terrorist attacks on NYC. your own personal 9/ 11 experience, and the Wall Street security measures. We really appreciated that you spent time and money for us. Thanks for everything.

It was very interesting to hear your story of 9/11. I had never heard about it from someone who was in NYC on that day. It sounded very stressful and scary, but it was great that you helped so many people in the aftermath of9/11. It was inspiring to see how dedicated you are to your work. I want to thank you for this wonderful day in NYC.

The trip was great. Thank you for giving us such an interactive tour of the major historical sites of New York City. If one were to participate in a typical tour of New York City, they would be simply barraged with a variety of uninteresting and boring details. Your tour, on the other hand, gave us the opportunity to actively participate by answering questions, and that was an important part of the trip.