“Dear Mr. Adam Leitman Bailey,

I am currently a rising 2L at the Syracuse University College of Law. I am also the recipient 2021-2022 Advocacy Program Scholarship, thank you.

The Advocacy Program Scholarship has been and will continue to be extremely helpful to me. Along with giving me financial support, this scholarship has exposed me to SUCOL’s advocacy program. Throughout high school and college, I competed in mock trial competitions focusing on both civil and criminal matters. This experience led me to feel like I knew what legal advocacy was about. However, this belief soon changed as I began law school and learned that legal advocacy reaches far beyond jury trials in a courtroom. During my 1L year, I competed in the 12th Annual Hancock Estabrook, LLP 1L Oral Advocacy Competition where I competed in multiple rounds, ultimately becoming a quarterfinalist. I also competed in the College’s sports law alternative dispute resolution competition. These experiences exposed me to the world of legal advocacy in a hands-on way. Due to this, I decided to try out for the Advocacy Honor Society’s Trial and Appellate divisions. Without this scholarship, I may not have been exposed to these invaluable experiences. Based on these experiences I am exploring careers in the legal advocacy field. As I continue my education, legal advocacy will be at the forefront of my learning.

In closing, I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to pursue my legal education and enabling me to become exposed to the world of advocacy by creating the Advocacy Program Scholarship. I look forward to keeping you informed as to how this scholarship continues to help me in the future. Thank you again for your generosity.”

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